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Will you meet me by, the railroad tracks

In my truck by the river where we don't look back

Or forward, and whatever happens, we pull out of the ether?

Cause when we don't look forward and we don't look back,

We realize all the life beyond the tracks

And I'll spend a little time, right now,

Gettin' to know ya.


Stichin' the time, in the tracks of our minds

As the present unfold us

Beholding the fire, feel the desire

To live a life with you

Ooooh, ooh, ooh, lovin' livin' life with you

Well when you meet me by, the railroad tracks

I'll be writing this song, with my paper bag

Of wine, and a burning design, 

Building within me

Ya I'll beckon you as I sing to the moon

And the stars hold space, for you and I 

And the song, of our love, 

Growing within me

Tracks of Our Minds


Damn, I've let you down, again

Have patience I'm learning to love, again

To hand it all over in trust again, oh love.

But wait you say, did you let me down?

Or did you project, where you feeling

Down on you? Oh, love


Just hold up a glass to my heart,

You'll see right through me

Like quartz in the sand

Makes glass from lightning

Ooh it's easy to see,

Your love is a mirror of me

Its true, didn't think I'd ever love again

But damn, bittersweet hot, mess? Yes!

Your love threw me in the deep end,

Guess I'm swimming' in the water again!

I'm fierce, don't mind my claws, love

Their not for you, their for the lost, loves

I'm trying to forgive myself for not letting it go! Oh, love

 Again, Love

Tracks of Our Minds
Agan, Love



Well we'll pose our questions to the moon and the stars

Let 'um, marinate in our open hearts

Then I'll slide a little closer to you

While we whisper our theories

Ya we'll ruminate, what's the point of it all?

We see what we believe, we're even god's when we fall

Can I believe, all I need,

I food shelter and your love?




You challenge, trigger and excite me

Then you hold me like I'm holy

Love we're human and we're God,  

Here to suffer in the beauty


Love can heal our hearts, love can heal all hearts.


Queen of The Sun

She was a lone wolf, when the flower's bloomed

Another year older, another year groomed

On her own, wild and free

In the sun, in the sun

He was a lone wolf, in his royal robes

King of the Moon, as the story goes

She could hear him howl across the land

After the sun, went down

And she said,

Well the King of the Moon, was finally free

To roam across, mountain and sea

He caught her scent, when he started to run

And he knew he had to meet the Queen of the Sun,

                            Whoa oh oh, the Queen of the sun!

And he said,

Queen Of The Sun


Do you wanna rule the world with me

Oh spinnin' in sweet synchronicities of our love, whoa oh oh!

Oh I'm dripping' with desire babe, 

Come ignite my sun under the 

Waxing waning moon, of our love, oh oh oh

Well a silent life is all she'd known

Strayed from her pack, and tryin' to lay low

But in her heart, she could be the Queen

Of the Sun, of the Sun!


Oh, oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh , oh oh

Burnin' sage under the moon, babey

Oh we're spinning' in the energy of our love, whoa oh oh!

Burnin' palo santo in the sun, 

Spread the fire of our love to everyone!

Under the waxing, waning moon, of our love! Whoa oh oh!

Oh, oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh, oh oh

We'll Find a Way

When we're starting on empty,

And full's just a daydream

I'll hand you the car keys

And say baby let's go!

Ya we'll follow the daydream,

Though we're running on empty

It's part of the journey

Come on babey let's go! Let go, let go, let go


"Cause I've been waiting my whole life

To be stuck under the moonlight

And watching' the night sky,

Welcome the day!

Ya I've been waiting my whole life

To be stuck under the moonlight

And knowing' what we need

Will find a way.  We'll find a way, aye aye!

But now we're running on empty

Was it all just a daydream

Babe don't let the sun take

The magic away!

Ya it's all part of the journey,

The story unfolding

It takes our trust 

To work the magic at play, at play, at play, at play



Ya we'll pray and we'll trust

Show the way through the pain

And we'll run for the roar

Turn our face to the fear

Shed the tears, let it rain

We'll surrender the pain

To our mother


And all we have to do is pray!

And know that what we need,

Will find a way

We'll find a way, aye aye


We'll Find A Way

Oh I want so bad for you to see,

The sky just like I do

But you still see it different

Where you see violet I see blue

Oh I bet your view's as beautiful

As mine, but we'll never know for sure

Cause the truth is that we're different

But our truths are just as full

Ooooh, oooh oooh, 

Just as full


So at our borders we can meet,

I'll take your hand trusting that my feet,

Can trust my heart to let me lead

You through my land of love and broken dreams

At our borders, let's meet

You'll take my hand trusting that your feet

Can trust your heart to let you lead

Me through your land of love and broken dreams


If you try to tell me how you see it,

I'll try to understand

And be grateful that you showed me

A glimpse of the land

Of your mind, of your mine

If we don't break down the fences,

We'll get stuck in the small shape

Of this love,

And there's no limit to love


Show me, your land of love and broken dreams

Show me, what makes you cry and your broken wings

Show me, your land of love and broken dreams

Show me, what makes you smile and your angel wings


Oh I run, through my garden

To the creeks above the rivers and the seas

I like to share my garden

With the creatures and the people that I meet

And I watch, in my garden

The spreading and the sharing of the seed

And I work in the garden

Where the flowers do depend upon the bees.


And I"m beginning to understand

It's only my own two hands

Wherever I go, whoever I see

My eyes are looking back at me

Oh I wander from my garden,

Four paws, at my side

Through the shadows of the tansy

Down the creek from where I reside


Oh the creeks in my garden

Connect the rivers to the lakes and to the land

And my body is a garden,

I see only my own two hands

So let 'um out, let 'um out, let 'um run wild

The children in the garden, the children in the garden

Cause they'll never, no they'll never, no they'll never stand proud

Hidden from their fears,

Hidden from their pleasure

Garden Song


Now all I wanna do,

Is lie down in the grasses with you

Watch the sun pass through the leaves

In the shade of the cottonwood trees

Watch the summer snow,

Dance in the wind

As we explore in the grasses again

'Til the light of day turns golden dusk

Into shadow's play, aye aye


And when the moonlight hits her shoulder

Warm milky dew shines as he holds her

She said it's good to know where I'm goin'

But keep followin' the path that I'm on

'Cause when it rains, freezes, won't stop snowin'

I need your wood to keep the fire strong

It's the light in your eyes, in the grasses to find

Where your smile tells the passion of their story

It's the way that your lens, finds the beauty that sends,

My heart beating to the sound of amore.


Oh remember the time when we danced in the light 

Of the moon, in the road, where the wheat grass grows

When you're boots hit the air, silver streaks in your hair

Matched the light in your eyes from the stars in the sky

Lifted up on your hips, tequila taste on your lips,

Counting steps to the beginning of our story,

Our hearts beating to the sound of amore


In The Grasses With You


Come and Play With Me

In the smokey valley

At the foot of slated mountains

In September

We made our beds under the stars

And brewed the tea to dance

With the Children

And from their caps and stems that sprang from

Fungal flows of tangled things

They whisper,

Come and play with me!


They said my friend don't spend the time,

Don't get caught up in the lies

Of what you should have done

Yes in this life there's suffering

We get to feel all the extremes

Of love

And love, never shoulds on you!

So stop shoulding on yourself,

Unique beautiful being

I wanna see you live!

Just keep, bein' you

I wanna see you live!

I wanna see you live, I wanna see you live!

Teach me how the children play

You make me laugh,

I'm starting to remember

The moon draws closer, trees stand guard,

Their rooted trunks,

Remind me of my freedom

Just close your eyes and free your mind

These visions transcend space and time

You can always, come and play with me!


Laughing melting into time, 

Become the stars, become the winding water

Become everything, come to play with me

I am everything come to play with me!

Everything, has come to play with me


Hello, Guitar

Hello, guitar

I missed you when I wasn't high

It's me, again

Let's play the same old chords again

But in a different way this time

There's a new song on my mind


We can have it all, we create it all

But sometimes, it's just too good

It's too good, I'm not ready for the bliss

Find the peace in all that is,

Love the struggle, love the pain

It's too good, I am present I am now

Feel the sunshine or the rain on my face

Follow, the call of mountains in the spring

Find ourselves, knee deep in the snow

Ah, shit, can't find the hotsprings

Legs are achin' like hell

So I curse, and you cry oh love!

It was magic 'til now


Repeat beginning

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